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At Curry Seed, we stand for your success with more than 80 years of proven results.

With seeds bred to perform in the unique conditions of your soil.

And with dependable seed experts who live and work in your community.

Year after year, yield after yield—

We’re Curry Seed.
This is where we stand.

Curry Corner

Curry® Combines With Hoegemeyer® To Increase Customer Focus and Support In The Western Corn Belt

- The Legacy of Multiple Seed Brands Combining Under Hoegemeyer Operation to become the Western Corn Belt Regional Brand for Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont ELK POINT, South Dakota, May 9, 2018...

Corn Stress Emergence

- Why Corn is Sensitive to Early Season Stress -Corn is a warm-season crop – optimal temperature for emergence is 85-90 F – so it is almost always under some degree of cold stress. -Prolonged exposure to soil temperatures below 50 F promotes seed deterioration and seedling disease

Curry Events

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Agronomy Updates

STUesday: Soybean Scouting Calendar


STUesday-Vegetative Soybean Growth Stages & Scouting Tips

- VE: Emergence Soybeans germinate when the seed absorbs half its weight in water. The radical (primary root) emerges first. The hypocotyl (stem) follows soon, growing upward and pulling the cotyledons...


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