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At Curry Seed, we stand for your success with more than 80 years of proven results.

With seeds bred to perform in the unique conditions of your soil.

And with dependable seed experts who live and work in your community.

Year after year, yield after yield—

We’re Curry Seed.
This is where we stand.

Curry Corner

How many days does it take to plant the U.S. corn crop?

- Here is a great article discussing historically how long it takes to plant the U.S. corn crop.

2018 Curry Optimum Planting Population Graphics

- 2017 Curry Population Graphics We test each hybrid for optimum seeding rate so you won’t have to.  Take the guess work out of what population to plant Curry hybrids at. ...

Curry Events


Curry® 2019 Sales Kickoff

Continues through Aug 02, 2018

Save the date:

Who: Curry Platinum Club Dealers

What:  Curry 2019 Sales Kickoff

When:  August 1st & 2nd 2018

Where:  Stoney Creek Inn, Sioux City, IA

Why:  To launch new sales programs and products with our Platinum Club Dealers.  Plus it a great time to get together as the Curry family


Hope to see you all there!

Agronomy Updates

STUesday on a Thursday – Hybrid Maturity Switches Based on Long-Term Research

- Hybrid Maturity Switches Based on Long-Term Research Crop Insights by Mark Jeschke and Steve Paszkiewicz Summary Introduction Pioneer Long-Term Corn Planting Date Studies Hybrid Maturity Switching Central Corn Belt North-Central Corn...

STUesday – Planter Checklist

- Curry Seed Pre Season Planter Checklist   In the SHED   Seed Transmission Bearings Chains, sprockets and idlers Clutches Seed Meters Calibrate Air lines Seals Brushes Wheels and Tires Tire...


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