86 day

Introducing Corn on corn

Included Hybrids

Ear Characteristics

GDUs to Black Layer 2115
Kernel Rows 14-18
Ear Flex 5
Test Weight 4
Cob Color Red
Husk Cover 6

Plant Characteristics

Stress Emergence 5
StayGreen 4
Grain Drydown 4
Ear Height 5
Plant Height 5

Grain Trait

High Extractable Starch N
High Total Fermentable N
High Available Energy N

Family Traits


Western adapted product- very good stalk, brittle and root lodging resistance
Nice stature hybrid
Excellent Goss's and NLB tolerance in northern zone
Schedule later in planting schedule
Tested as XC-1786 in 2017

Hybrid Benefits

Drought Tolerance 7
Stalk Strength 6
Root Strength 7
Early Vigor No Data
Late Harvest No Data
Brittle Stalk 5

Plant Health

Gray Leaf Spot No Data
Northern Leaf Blight 5
Goss Wilt 5
Anthracnose Stalk Rot No Data
Gibberella Ear Rot No Data
Diplodia Ear Rot No Data
Scoring: 9 = High 1 = Poor
Plant Height: 9 = Tall 1 = Short
Ear Height: 9 = High 1 = Low
Grain Trait: Y = Meets Requirements N = Does Not Meet Requirements