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Curry® Seed LibertyLink® hybrids offer an excellent option in herbicide resistance. Ignite controls over 120 grasses and broadleaf weeds. It is a non-selective herbicide with relatively fast burndown and a very long application window. These hybrids are excellent choices for refuge acres. In some years a "flash" may occur when Ignite herbicide is sprayed on LibertyLink hybrids. This cosmetic "flashing" will sometimes reduce, in a minimal amount, the viable corn plant population. The LibertyLink hybrids offrer flexibility in weed control, strong hybrid performance and no marketing restrictions.

  • LibertyLink® traits are available in all Herculex® I and Herculex® XTRA hybrids.
  • Tolerance to Ignite® and other glufosinate-based herbicides.
  • True alternative to Roundup® Ready Corn 2 system.    

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