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Seed Treatment

CurryCoat seed treatment for corn is a combination of Poncho® 500/VOTiVO™/Maxim®, Quattro/Raxil® and Cruiser® 250 seed treatment. CurryCoat is offered on corn at no added charge.
Poncho/VOTIVO seed treatment protects young plants from pests during critical early develop.
Maxim Quattro, a four-way formulation, which will build upon a proven portfolio of corn seed treatments by combining the active ingredients of Apron XL® (mefenoxam), Maxim 4FS (fludioxonil) and Dynasty® (azoxystrobin) seed treatment fungicides with thiabendazole. This new fourth mode of action will broaden the wide spectrum of disease protection already offered by Curry Seed.
Raxil seed treatment for controlling disease like loose smut, common bunt and common root rot.
Cruiser 250 offers corn growers superior protection against a broad spectrum of early–season insect pests as well as enhanced disease protection.
CurryCoat is also available in a high-rate formulation with the added Poncho® 1250 and VOTiVO™ on select hybrids for areas where corn nematodes are prevalent. Additional charges will apply.
Poncho 1250 provides excellent protection against devastating soil pests from early to mid season.
VOTiVO creates a biological living barrier of protection that grows with your roots to protect corn from nematode damage.
Curry® brand soybeans that are ordered with CurryCoat treatment will be treated with a new performance enhancing technology called EverGol™ Enery along with Biostacked Seed Treatment, Gaucho® and Allegiance® insecticide. Additional charges will apply.
Biostacked seed treatment components are known to stimulate rhizobia to produce the biochemical factors shown to improve root nodulation. Nodulation improves nitrogen-fixing ability, which enhances nutrient uptake and overall plant performance.
Trilex and Allegiance fight against stand-reducing diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium.

Gaucho seed-applied Insecticide provides unmatched protection against the worst early season pests.

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