Agronomy Updates

Corn Production
Emerged Corn, Herbicides and Nitrogen (5/8/2012)
Imbibitional Chilling and Variable Emergence

How Long Will it Take Corn to Emerge? (4/18/2012)
August 2011 Iowa Corn Yield Forecast (8/12/2011)
Aridity Index, a Guide to Rain and Temperature Impact on Corn (7/21/2011)
Crop Minute - Scouting Corn Fields (7/20/2011)
Foliar Fungicides on Corn (7/18/2011)
Corn and “a Big Long Heat Wave on the Way” (7/15/2011)
Thoughts on Spraying Downed Corn with a Fungicide (7/13/2011)
Foliar Diseases of Corn Developing Across Nebraska (7/8/2011)

Soybean Production

Begin Scouting for Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybean (7/21/2011)
The Effect of Spraying Fungicides at R1 or R3 on Soybean (7/14/2011)
Crop Minute - Scout For Soybean Aphids (7/13/2011)
Updated Soybean Aphid Field Guide Available (7/12/2011)
Soybean Aphid Scouting Recommended (7/7/2011)
Soybean Researcher Asks for Your Help to Advance Irrigation Efficiencies (7/8/2011)
Will Adding N at Pod Fill Benefit  High Yield Soybeans? (7/7/2011)
Will Soybean Benefit from Foliar Application of Nutrients? (7/8/2011)

Crop and Field Reports

Crop Minute - Soil Erosion (5/11/2012)
Plant Protection Review
(Fall 2011)
Crop and Field Updates and Photos from Extension  (7/13/2011)
USDA Crop and Field Report for Nebraska (7/5/2011)

Insect Management
Start Scouting for Stalk Borer (5/8/2012)
Moths Abundant Around Iowa (4/26/2012)
Black Cutworm Scouting Advisory (4/25/2012)
Japanese Beetle Activity Increases in Iowa (7/22/2011)
Summer Grasshopper Hatch is Underway  (7/7/2011)
Western Bean Cutworm Scouting Update (7/1/2011)

Disease Management

Corn Leaf Diseases and Soybean Stem Diseases Prevalent Throughout Iowa (7/12/2011)
Corn or Soybeans Looking Stressed? Nematode Damage is Becoming Apparent (7/11/2011)
New Crop Disease Profiles Available (7/6/2011)
Goss's Wilt and Soybean Cyst Nematode Scouting (6/28/2011)
Goss’s Wilt Found in West Central Iowa (6/28/2011)

Irrigation Management

Optimize Your Irrigation Application Timing with SoyWater (7/6/2011)
Irrigation Management Update for Eastern Nebraska (7/6/2011)

General Management

Subsoil Moisture Levels are Still a Concern for 2012 Crops (4/25/2012)
How Much Crop Residue to Remove (4/20/2012)


Pay Attention to Soil Crusting After Heavy Rain Events (4/18/2012)
Weather Impact on Midwest Corn 2011 (8/9/2011)
Can warm nights reduce grain yield in corn?
Corn Belt Weather Patterns Put Projected Yield at Risk (7/8/2011)

Adding Cover Crops in Prevented Planting Acres (7/7/2011)
Nebraska Counties are Eligible for USDA Emergency Loans (7/6/2011)


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