Two Ways to Save

Whether you’re still looking for the best value on 2018 crop inputs or already thinking ahead to lowering costs on bigger yields in 2019—we’ve got two ways to save on locally-proven seed that you should know about.

Early-Pay Cash Discounts
Curry Seed offers one of the largest discounts in the industry, starting with our early-pay cash discount. You can save up to 18% when you pay early for the upcoming year. Yes, 18%!

“When you take the regionally-proven performance that you get from Curry Seed and pair it with one of the best cash discounts available, it really makes our seed a dependable value, and I truly believe we’re one of the best,” says Curry regional sales manager Bob Warnemunde.

The 2018 18% discount has passed, but you can still get 9% off Curry’s bigger yields and better service when you pay cash before January 5, 2018.

Mark the calendar and remember to order your 2019 seed before next October to get that 18% off next year!

Curry Delay Pay
Before heading straight to the bank this year, or next, consider financing your seed with us. Just because you’re financing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t qualify for an early-purchase discount. That’s why we have Curry Delay Pay.

Curry’s Delay Pay program is powered by John Deere Financial and is set up to give you the flexibility of financing and discounts on Curry seed. So you can fund your operational inputs your way, at a better price, with seed you can trust to work in your fields.

“This helps local farmers get Curry products in their fields with easy payment plans and helpful discounts. Plus, we offer bridge financing, which is something many of our customers really appreciate,” says regional sales manager Steve Renli.

You can still save 5% this year with the Delay Pay program when you finance before January 15, 2018. Be sure to get your order in before October next year to take advantage of that larger 14% Delay Pay discount for 2019!